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Turbocharger GP-900 - M5/M8 F9X

Turbocharger GP-900 - M5/M8 F9X

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  • OEM turbocharger upgrade S63B44T4
  • power output range: 800 - 900 hp
  • significantly increased air mass compared to OEM
  • optimized for higher boost pressures
  • larger compressor wheel (air) & turbine wheel (exhaust)
  • larger turbine & compressor housings - CNC milled
  • performance optimized turbine blade
  • reduction of the exhaust backpressure
  • reduction of the exhaust gas temperature
  • sealing package for higher boost pressures
  • max. efficiency level through optimized tolerances
  • dynamic precision balancing of the compressor unit
  • version export

Needs our GP-820 Tuning 

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