Innovative. Esthetic. Dynamic.

The G-POWER brand stands for performance, passion and a relentless desire to be the best. By uniting innovative technologies and high-quality materials with our attention to detail and a dynamic, stylish design language, we develop products that inspire.

Products of the highest quality don’t come about by chance. To purchase a G-POWER product is to choose first-class performance. Our combination of expertise, ongoing monitoring, professional quality management and partnerships with suppliers from the worlds of motorsport and industry forms the basis of our work and underpins our commitment to delivering outstanding G-POWER quality you can depend on.

Our dedicated employees work on new and exciting products every day.

  • Performance Software

    Better performance. More torque. Greater driving pleasure. We achieve this through direct and individual programming (that is, altering the parameters) of the original engine control unit. The efforts of G-POWER technicians during the development cycle are unparalleled elsewhere on the market. The experience gained in over 35 years of engine tuning, test drives and dynamometer testing form the foundations for outstanding quality. Safety is our top priority, without compromising on high-end performance. In addition to adding safety features we developed in-house, we also leave standard diagnostic and engine protection functions untouched.

  • Turbocharger-Upgrade

    More air flow. Higher efficiency. Higher performance. Installing a CNC compressor wheel with a larger diameter to replace the series version is a key element of our modifications. However, our focus is always on drivability – and installing the biggest possible wheel does not necessary deliver the best results. Intelligent lightweight construction and additional details reduce the inertia torque and achieve an exceptional flow rate. G-POWER also optimizes the turbine wheel, and specially curved turbine blades with capped ends lower the exhaust temperature. G-POWER turbochargers are further enhanced by CNC-milled exhaust and compressor housings with larger intakes and outflows.

  • Exhaust systems

    Titanium. Stainless steel. Carbon fiber or chrome. Create a barnstorming backdrop of sound reminiscent of true motorsports cars when you push the gears to the limit. Besides an impressive sound, the quality of the materials and production techniques we use afford G-POWER Deeptone exhaust systems and mufflers a special status

  • Aerodynamics

    Sporty & aggressive. Intelligent & lightweight. Technically outstanding. With designs drawing on the world of motorsport, the add-on parts in the G-POWER aerodynamics range create an authentic look and set out an unmistakable visual statement of the potential in enhanced G-POWER models. At the same time, they bring down the vehicle’s weight and optimize its aerodynamic downforce.

  • G-POWER HURRICANE forged rims

    Lightweight. Ultra-strong. Aesthetic. With their classic double-spoke design, our forged rims underscore the sporty credentials of G-POWER cars. The use of 6061 aluminum alloy – a material also used in the aerospace industry – massively optimizes the weight of these rims, which are among the lightest in their class. Of course we use CNC-milled hub covers.