G-POWER TUNES THE G80/G82/G83 M3 and M4

G-POWER TUNES THE G80/G82/G83 M3 and M4


G-POWER upgrades for M3 and M4: Up to 720 hp in the G8x

The name BMW M3 has earned firm legendary status over the years. Used to denote the two-door versions of this mid-range flagship model for some time now, the M4 model code is rapidly achieving the same reputation. Despite the initial debate about its design, the current generation G8x has now become firmly established on the market. The variety is greater than ever with customers able to choose between the M3 G80 Sedan, the G81 Touring, the M4 G82 Coupé, and the G83 Cabriolet. As a label that has specialized in BMW optimizations for more than 40 years, G-POWER instinctively offers extensive upgrades for all versions, as the enclosed images show.

The highlight is undeniably the all-inclusive G3M and G4M Bi-TURBO packages. Available in three power levels, they beef the S58 inline six-cylinder engine up to 720 hp and 850 Nm. This is accomplished thanks to the GP-720 performance software coupled with the G-POWER DEEPTONE stainless steel exhaust system. The all-inclusive package also includes the Venturi RR or RS carbon hood and the GP DYNAMIC carbon rear wing with the latter exclusively available for the sedan and coupé. For the finishing touch, there is a set of the brand’s forged rims: Customers can choose between the HURRICANE RR or RS wheels in 9x20 and 10.5x21 inches respectively, equipped with 285/30R20 and 295/25R21 tires. G-POWER carpets and emblems plus an optional carbon LED steering wheel enhance the passenger compartment. If desired, the G3M/G4M Bi-TURBO can also be purchased in two slightly less powerful configurations with a different version of the performance software delivering 670 hp/800 Nm and 620 hp/750 Nm, respectively.

In addition to the G3M packages, virtually all previously mentioned components can also be purchased separately to create a personalized dream setup. From a technical perspective, this applies both to the performance software programs and the DEEPTONE system, which can be obtained as complete products or individual components. Customers can also choose from other engine optimizations in the shape of boost pipes, sports air filters and a carbon intake system plus lowering options with coil springs or a Variant 4 coilover suspension.

In terms of aesthetics, aside from the forged wheels, there are various other carbon bodywork add-ons, such as the Venturi RR hood and the GP DYNAMIC wing. The portfolio covers everything from side skirts and GP SHURIKEN front splitters through to front spoilers and grill kidneys, the latter two available in two versions each. Available on request, a G-POWER decal set instantly makes it clear that the vehicle is by no means a standard M3/M4. The engine’s appearance can be further enhanced with a carbon cover while the interior is optionally elevated with extensive upgrades, including a complete leather trim.

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