Upgrades for the M2 spearhead: 660 hp / 800 Nm in the G2M CS Bi-TURBO


The new BMW M2 is ready and raring to go: Within the next few days, the first specimens of the second generation of models will be rolling their wheels on our roads. While the G87 will initially – and also for the foreseeable future, as G87 project manager Markus Schröder recently revealed in an interview with BimmerToday – only be available as a “normal” M2 without the Competion or even CS label, the lightweight and performance-enhanced M2 CS still formed the spearhead in the previous F87 generation.


The special model, which is limited to just 2,200 specimens, has been slimmed down by 43 kilograms and boosted by 40 hp compared with the Competition, making it pretty dynamic fresh from the factory. And so, the stabilizers really come off after the specialists at G-POWER – who have almost 40 years of experience in optimizing the performance of BMWs – transform the M2 CS into their G2M CS Bi-TURBO.


The most powerful of the four stages in the G-POWER portfolio for the F87 M2 CS generates 660 hp and 800 Nm, compared with 450 hp and 550 Nm in the factory version. This increase of almost 50% (!) in each case was achieved thanks to the skillful combination of hardware upgrades and the sophisticated performance software GP-660: The 3.0-liter twin-turbo inline six cylinder engine (S55) was given a sports downpipe for lower exhaust backpressure, GP-660 injectors, a crankshaft central screw lock, the GP DEEPTONE exhaust system with four carbon-coated tailpipes and its signature growl, and the GP-700 turbocharger upgrade. The latter comprises compressors that are driven by the exhaust gas flow and that have been made markedly more efficient by features including larger compressor and turbine wheels, larger CNC-milled housings, and an optimized turbine blade.


For those who don’t need the full power package, G-POWER is also offering stages with 570 hp / 720 Nm, 540 hp / 680 Nm or 500 hp / 650 Nm for the M2 CS (as well as for the M2 Competition, by the way).

For each power level, customers can choose from additional modifications such as raising the Vmax limit, a GP overrun fuel cut-off, GTS transmission software, a CNC-milled charge-air cooler package, as well as the boost pipes and sports air filters developed in-house.


Last but not least, G-POWER is also offering cosmetic upgrades for the M2 CS. For example, the HURRICANE RR forged rims developed in-house are available. These monoblock rims, which are made of ultra-light and high-strength aircraft-grade aluminum, are available in various finishes and fit perfectly into the M2 wheel arches in dimensions of 9x20 inches at the front and 10.5x20 inches at the rear together with tires in 245/30R20 and 265/30R20. What’s more, the G2M CS Bi-TURBO is also sporting the GP-DYNAMIC WING RR rear wing made of carbon, which not only looks great but also optimizes the downforce on the rear axle, giving the compact high-performance sports car even more stability at high speeds.


But, circling back to the new M2 (G87), the G-POWER development team is of course already working on hardware and software upgrades for the “next generation” as well. So, it will be very interesting to see what will be unveiled here in the coming weeks...


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